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The Vendetta Cyber Defense team has spent years on the front lines of cybercrime responding to malicious cyber attacks perpetrated by Threat Actors. With this experience comes knowledge and insight to make the digital world a safer place for our clients. Because we have encountered and resolved such a large number of cyber exploits, we have the foresight to see where the next round of attacks are likely to manifest. Our Vendetta Endgame offerings are designed to merge our unique front line experience with controls, automation, and tooling to create a superior cybersecurity posture. We bring that front line experience and approach to our clients. We have fought the world’s worst so we can protect you the best.
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Pete Seeber
CEO, Co-Founder Vendetta Cyber Defense

About Pete:
Pete Seeber is a visionary leader and seasoned expert in the field of cybersecurity. As the CEO of Vendetta Cyber Defense, he brings a wealth of experience and a relentless commitment to safeguarding organizations from ever-evolving digital threats. You’ll frequently find Pete as a speaker and industry expert at events and panels nationwide.

Professional Journey:
With a career spanning over two decades, Pete has made a lasting impact in the cybersecurity arena. His journey began with a solid foundation in risk, strategy, and consulting, cultivated during his tenure at Grant Thornton and Andersen. Pete’s ability to grasp complex challenges and his knack for establishing strong client relationships quickly set him apart as one of the most trusted advisors in the industry. Pete holds a US Patent for a Integrated Security and Threat Prevention and Detection Platform.

Entrepreneurial Success:
In recent years, Pete’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found, nurture, and ultimately successfully exit a respected cybersecurity firm to a large government contractor. His hands-on experience as a founder equips him with a unique perspective on the challenges faced by businesses in the cybersecurity domain.

A Dedication to Excellence:
Pete’s career has been marked by a commitment to excellence. He excels at setting clear expectations, forging strategic partnerships, and achieving defined results. His holistic approach to problem-solving and attentive listening to client needs consistently deliver outstanding outcomes for both large enterprises and middle-market organizations across diverse industries.

Pete holds a bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University, as well as post-graduate advancement, underscoring his dedication to continuous learning and professional growth.

Certifications and Expertise: 
With a rich background in risk management, strategy development, and cybersecurity consulting, Pete is a recognized authority in his field. He continues to be deeply involved in the cybersecurity space, actively building partnerships that foster long-term mutual success.

Pete Seeber’s unwavering commitment to cybersecurity and his track record of delivering results 
make him a trusted leader in the industry. Under his guidance, Vendetta Cyber Defense is at the forefront of safeguarding organizations against the ever-present cyber threats of the modern world.

Jordan Snook
CTO, Head of Incident Response & Recovery, Co-Founder Vendetta Cyber Defense

About Jordan:
Jordan Snook is a seasoned expert in the field of cybersecurity with over a decade of experience. As the CTO & Head of Incident Response & Recovery at Vendetta Cyber Defense, he plays a pivotal role in defending organizations against cyber threats and ensuring the security of digital assets.

Professional Journey:
With a career spanning 12 years, Jordan has honed his expertise in Cybersecurity, BCDR, IT operations, network administration. His unique talents lie in his ability to meticulously architect solutions and visualize them to completion, all before allocating valuable resources to the engagement.

Cybersecurity Excellence:
Jordan’s skills extend to the realms of malware analysis and threat detection. He possesses a keen aptitude for diagnosing and identifying threat actor activities across diverse systems, making him a valuable asset in the ongoing battle against cyber adversaries. Jordan’s razor sharp skills and quick action have saved Vendetta’s clients tens of millions of dollars in potential losses.

Educational Background:
Jordan holds a Master of Science in Cybersecurity, demonstrating his dedication to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. Furthermore, he is recognized as an ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), underlining his commitment to excellence and professional development.

A Leader in Cybersecurity:
As the CTO & Head of Incident Response & Recovery at Vendetta Cyber Defense, Jordan Snook is at the forefront of cyber defense efforts. His wealth of experience, commitment to staying ahead of cyber threats, and proven track record in the field make him an invaluable asset to the organization. Jordan’s commitment to staying at the head of the pack of Cyber Defense is unrivaled.

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